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Easter Letter 2024

“ If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”

     Brothers and sisters, perhaps on some occasion a friend or family member has invited you to take a trip, go on vacation, or make a pilgrimage together. Knowing that a friend or family member wants to travel with you brings immense joy to the heart. You feel honored and loved. Perhaps, some of the reasons to go on vacation are resting, exploring, strengthening the bonds of friendship, getting out of the routine, or just be away from people your regularly hang around. It takes planning the route, the activities to do during the trip or places to visit. As well to think about the type of clothing you going to packed. Making a trip, bring excitement, renewal, freshness, re-energize to reintegrate into daily tasks.

     Brethren, we have a friend who loves us, who cares a lot about each of us, and every year He is so thrilled to make a special invitation to each of us. Jesus wants to bring you along his journey. He wants to take you to the desert; a place to pause and reflect. Therefore, just as when you travel you ask yourself several questions for your trip. Be not be afraid to ponder your heart with some questions: Is there holding me back to respond to Him? What is Jesus telling me? Am I allowing myself to be challenged by Him? Do I find myself encourage because He is my companion?

     My brothers and sisters on Ash Wednesday we were invited to this journey as we came to church for the imposition of ashes, we asked the church for the imposition as a sign of commitment to enter the desert and seek a transformation. Through the sacrament of reconciliation and other sacramentals we provided those stops during the journey of lent to pause and reflect. I am grateful to my brother’s priest generosity during the service of reconciliation over 400 people came to receive God’s grace through the sacrament of reconciliation. We had the Lenten retreat and over 800 people attended it. The Night of Mercy would be another time to rest in God’s mercy over prayer, meditation, worship, and reconciliation.

     We are almost close to the end of our route and Jesus continues to encourage us no to give up. Just as we seek to make this pact on Ash Wednesday may we not forget to be present on Easter Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death and sin. Some of you have the tradition to come to church in the morning of Holy Saturday for the Easter basket blessing, asking God’s blessing for your home and for the fruit of your work represented in the food to be blessed. Please consider giving your HOME (parish) an Easter gift.

     Aware of the rise in prices in the groceries and the great effort you do to bring food to your family table. Please consider making an EASTER a donation of $150 per FAMILY or depending in the possibilities of each family (DONATE Online). On different occasion I have bring to your attention the idea of been responsible with your parish. According to the bible, invite us to offer God from the first fruits of our labor. If each family would commit to make a Sunday contribution of $15-20 per FAMILY, not each person, PER FAMILY, more blessing and other spiritual programs could be available in our parish. I will be looking forward to seeing you during the Easter TRIDUM.

     May we continue our journey by the hand with Jesus and may our Mother, the VIRGIN MARY, the MYSTIC ROSE lead us to celebrate the RESURRECTION of Our LORD, JESUS.

Father Sergio de la Torre - Carrillo

Parish Administrator


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